The Furry Friend Niche: Why Niche Platforms Are Beneficial To Your Social Strategy

Like most people, I have grown up with two horses and two dogs. They were never just pets but a part of the family. As I scroll through my Facebook and Instagram feed, I see many accounts that people created just for their pets, especially dogs. And while there are many dog influencers on Instagram that are surpassing celebrities, such as Jiffpom and Doug the Pug, someone saw an opportunity to create a social media platform for both you and your four-legged furry friend called BarkHappy.

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According to, they believe that “dogs are happiest when they are out being social with their humans, meeting other dogs and people. We’re on a mission to build an active, engaged community of dogs, their owners, and a platform for dog friendly businesses and events through real life experiences!” Seems like a pretty cool idea for an app right? Well the founder and CEO Ninis Samuel and his CPO (aka chief puppy office) Kerby, noticed a community that needed a place to connect that was not through typical social media platforms. Hence, they became a part of the latest trend: niche social media platforms.

According to Evanne Farmer, a writer for 3 Girls Media Inc., niche platforms are different from average social media platforms because they cater to specific demographics rather than focusing on all audiences. Brian Rashid, a writer for Forbes, states that “the point is to find a group of people who are very dedicated to something and bring them together,” which is exactly what Ninis and Kerby did. They created a platform where passionate owners can post about their furry friends, creating a sense of community and lasting friendships online.

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Katie Stanley, a writer on Medium, listed many benefits of focusing on a niche platform within your social strategy, but one that stuck out to me the most was the amount of traffic that are on these mainstream social media platforms. She talks about how there are so many people on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, where it can be overwhelming to the user. However, being a part of a niche platform has created this close-knit community and an “online experience where the like-minded people go without distractions.” BarkHappy developed an Instagram where they have dog ambassadors that post when meeting other dogs or go to businesses that are dog friendly. This is a genius way of getting the foot traffic from a mainstream social platform towards their niche app.

Another reason to focus on a social strategy is creating an increase with engagement on the platform. This niche platform is a great way for people to be able to connect with other dog owners within their own personal communities and also a great way for dogs to be able to play with other dogs too.

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Finally, the last reason to keep niche platforms in your social strategy according to Albizu Garcia, co-founder and CEO of Gain, is to be able to find that target audience. In his article, he states “With the popularity of closed, niche network and group-chat apps, brands now have the opportunity to connect with those highly targeted audiences.” A brand like BarkBox would be ideal to work with BarkHappy not just because the names are similar, but they are both attracting the same target audiences and could both ultimately gain more attraction.

Overall, niche social platforms are becoming the latest trends and more important to think about with your social strategy. While you may think of joining a niche platform, you may want to include your furry friend too.



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