The Crown Act and Dove: How their efforts on social media have promoted the movement.

Video Credit: The Crown Act YouTube Channel

When watching YouTube, I kept seeing this ad from Dove continue to pop up. When watching it the first time, I didn’t pay too much attention and thought that Dove was trying to target me to purchase their products, in which I already do. However, when paying more attention to the advertisement, I noticed that it was just more than purchasing a product. So, I decided to do more research to find out more about the Crown Act.

According to The Crown Act website, this movement was “first introduced in California in January 2019” and they state that CROWN stands for “Creating a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair.” The goal of the movement is to have “a law that prohibits race-based hair discrimination, which is the denial of employment and educational opportunities because of hair texture or protective hairstyles including braids, locs, twists, or bantu knots.” Currently, the movement has been passed in seven states and are continuing to work on getting the rest of the country to pass the law as well.

The Crown Act not only has a website, but also has created social media platforms to gather everyone around the globe to come together and support their mission. They have created a Facebook Page, an Instagram Page, and a Twitter page. Along with their own social media pages, they have created their own hashtag, #TheCROWNAct. But, they have not stopped here when it comes to reaching people and continuing to promote the movement through social media.

Like I mentioned earlier, I found out about this movement because of how Dove promoted it through their own commercials. Dove has an Instagram Highlight on their Instagram page about their involvement with the movement and also mentions it in their bio. When scrolling through the Dove Instagram page, I have noticed that Dove has also promoted other movements towards natural beauty. According to an article from PR News, they state that “Dove has long been committed to celebrating all hair types and styles through campaigns such as Love Your Curls and Love Your Hair.” To me, this is a company that has been promoting natural beauty for multiple campaigns and that everyone should have their confidence with their natural hair. Not only did Dove promote the Crown Act through social media, but they also partnered with Kelly Rowland and created an original song together called “Crown” to help promote the Crown Act and encouraging young girls as well as women to wear their hair however they want to.

Video Credit: Kelly Rowland YouTube Channel

In the PR News article, Kelly stated “Growing up, I felt many of the pressures young girls face today when it comes to embracing their hair, but my mom would always tell me that your hair is your crowning glory and you should wear it proudly. This song is very personal to me and, having met many of the real girls who inspired it, I am incredibly proud to be partnering with Dove to spark this conversation and encourage girls everywhere to love their hair.” I think that it was very smart from Dove since it was able to help them continue to promote the movement and reach an audience that could possibly relate to the movement.

On social media, The Crown Act and Dove have been using many hashtags towards the movement, but have also been able to promote the work of others who are in full support of the movement. For example, Dove congratulated the Matthew Cherry and Karen Toliver on their Oscar Winning Short Film called Hair Love.

Photo Credit: Dove Twitter

With Dove showing their support towards creators promoting the mission of the brand as well as the national movement, it has helped the rest of the world see how Dove is being consistent with its promotion towards embracing natural hair. Another example of this movement being a success on social media was when the House Judiciary Dems posted on Twitter their decision on the Crown Act. Once this was posted on Twitter, the post received a lot of retweets and also having other people posting more and more about the movement.

Overall, I think that the Crown Act and Dove have been doing a great job in promoting this movement through social media and other ways of reaching an audience. They have been able to promote the movement by partnering with Kelly Rowland and was able to reach a larger audience. Dove also congratulating the Oscar Winning Short Film on Twitter is showing their support towards the movement and the company’s mission. While the Crown Act’s social media platforms do not have the largest following, they have been able to create a community through their platforms and using their own hashtags to promote the movement. Their hashtag was being used on Twitter when the Crown Act was passed by the House Judiciary Dems and helped create awareness of the movement. Therefore, the Crown Act and Dove have done really well by creating online communities with the movement.